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Agribusiness Awards 2017

The system carries full IAB and EU Certification
You will have the confidence and peace of mind that your Bio-Friendly system has been certified by the EU, has been approved by the Irish Agreement Board and has won the Roscommon County Enterprise Award.

Ideal for your New Build, add-on or replacement
Whether your project involves the provision of the service to a new house, or an addition to an existing system, Bio-Friendly is the efficient, speedy answer.  Installation is quick and non-disruptive.  A mini digger is all that is required which results in less mess and speedy installation.

“I had a Bio-friendly unit installed in my new house.  I am very happy with the way it is working and the back-up I have received” – Eammon Mac Coiligh, Co. Sligo  

Upgrade your existing septic tank
Uniquely, the Bio-Friendly units can be used to upgrade septic tanks that are structurally sound but the percolation area is blocked up and has broken down and therefore is non-effective.  They are quick and easy to install saving you disruption and inconvenience.

“I had a problem with my septic tank of 35 years Bio-friendly sorted me out with an upgrade unit. It was great value and has taken a lot off my mind. They have a great back up service” – Mary McGoey, Co. Longford   
“My old septic tank was causing problems.  I used the Bio-friendly upgrade unit.  My crisis was solved with little delay and expense” – Gerry Gavigan, Co. Meath  

Competitive price and low running costs
Apart from the low initial cost of the Bio-Friendly system, the running cost is remarkably low.  At €60 per year it is considered to be the lowest running cost on offer.

“The Bio-friendly system is easy to install and good value for money” – PJ Healy & Sons, Co. Sligo 

Other News
GOOD NEWS! Government Grant Available for Septic Tanks

You may be eligible for a Government Grant of up to 4,000 Euros! Households can receive a Grant from the Local Authority to assist them in carrying out Remediation, Repair or Upgrading works to, or replacement of their individual septic tanks.

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