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Upgrading Existing Systems

The Bio-Friendly domestic sewage treatment system is suitable for New installations or the Upgrading of existing septic tank systems.

Uniquely, the Bio-Friendly units can be used to upgrade septic tanks that are structurally sound but the percolation area is blocked up, and therefore is not working effectively.  They are quick and easy to install saving you disruption and inconvenience.

This system is fully certified, easy to install and comes with a full after-sales service. The domestic sewage system is an all-purpose unit that can cater for household populations of up to six people.  It is the perfect solution for the renovation of older properties where planning requirements insist on the installation of a modern treatment system, but where the existing septic tank is still in good serviceable condition and functioning efficiently.  The Bio-Friendly unit can be incorporated, either with or without a pump, depending on gravity or planning requirements to meet your needs. 

 It can be installed with a larger capacity septic tank and the customer can be assured this type of installation will guarantee a trouble-free operation and maximum reliability and performance.  This is an important consideration these days since larger houses are becoming the norm.  To be sure the system is operating at the maximum efficiency Bio-Friendly offers a fully comprehensive service plan for your system.

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