Bio Friendly Septic Tank Systems for a Cleaner Environment

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Certification & CE Mark

Biofriendly Wastewater treatment systems have been tested, and certified, to European specification EN 12566-3.

They have also met the requirements of  S.R. 66 – which tests systems for strength, durability, water-tightness, as well as the efficiency of their treatment.

Bio-Friendly Sewage Treatment Systems have additionally attained CE Certification,  so you can be secure in the knowledge that your unit has complied with all statutory requirements and inspections, therefore you are guaranteed a high standard of quality, with an excellent level of efficiency.

The Biofriendly submerged aeration system is suitable for domestic or light commercial requirements. It uses simple, but proven, fixed bed technology. 


EN Certification

EN 12566-3 and S.R.66 Certification

Biofriendly Cert 2017.pdf

CE Certification


P6 Autocad Drawing


P6 - Engineers Technical Drawing


P6 Drawing - Autocad 2020 Version