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The Bio-Friendly P6 Treatment Unit

This is a 2 Tank System, suitable for the sewage requirements of most households. 

It has a Primary Settlement Area of 2.21cubic meters,  and a further Settlement Area of 0.7 cubic meters,  giving a total of 2.91cubic meters.

It is widely accepted that a Unit needs a capacity of 90 litres of sludge per person per year, an average household with 6 people with a sludge limit of 90 litres per person will need a capacity of 540 litres (see table).

Max No. of Persons per household Litres of Sludge per person per year Total Litres of Sludge per year
6 90 540

However, our Bio-Friendly P6 System has a total sludge capacity of 2210 litres.

The compressor/ aerator on the Biofriendly units  also has a low wattage of just 70 watts. This ensures extremely low running costs, compared to some other systems

Furthermore, all compressors supplied for the Bio-Friendly Unit come with a built in alarm. This provides both a warning light and a buzzer.
Where a pump is used, the alarm is situated inside the house on a control panel.

All samples can be taken from the final chamber inside the Unit if required for testing treatment efficiency.